Friday, July 21, 2017

Summertime is for Composting! Volunteers Needed!

Greetings Community,

I hope you are all keeping cool in this hot and humid weather. I wanted to reach out and thank all that have been dropping off their food scraps.  
It is so wonderful to know that people are diverting their food scraps from the land-fill and helping to create something nutrient rich for our earth. 
As many of you know this compost site is completely volunteer run.  The summer months become a bit of a challenge because many people go on vacation. I am reaching out to ask for your help. 
 We need more volunteers. If we don't get volunteers we can't continue to run the site. All we ask is for a bit of your time. The more hands we have the easier the load. So come on out. I will be there this Sunday, July 23rd at 2:00 if anyone would like me to show you how things get done.Hope to see you soon.All the bestMaddy

Also here is a little reminder of what to compost. 
Please remember:
  • NO plastics or non-biodegradable materials
  • REMOVE stickers from fruit and vegetable peels
  • take your containers back with you.
Accepted materials include:
  •  fruit and vegetable scraps,    
  •  non-greasy food scraps (rice, pasta, bread, cereal etc.),
  •  coffee grounds & filters, tea bags,
  •  egg and nut shells, pits,
  •  cut or dried flowers, houseplants and potting soil.
 We do NOT accept meat, chicken, fish, greasy food scraps, fat, oil, dairy, animal waste, litter or bedding, coal or charcoal, coconuts, diseased and/or insect-infested houseplants/soil or biodegradable/compostable plastics.

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